Sunday, October 1, 2017

Quick and Easy Checks For Understanding

ITF, Erin Wolfhope created a simple Google Form to use to Check for Understanding. So easy!
  • One question - Green, Yellow, or Red
  • Click on the link to make a copy of the form, and edit for your needs.
  • Idea: Add a question to the form for students to make comments.
Mary Murray, PE teacher at W.A. Young, shared this Plickers idea to check for understanding. This strategy can be used in any classroom.  

  • Create the disks, tape them to a Post-it note or add a magnet. I ordered these wooden discs and these flexible magnets to see which I like best.
  • Have student place them on a board with their “level” up and then you scan with the Plickers app.
  • Sandy Xiong and I used these in a professional learning session  and they worked fabulously! You can use them over and over.

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