Saturday, October 28, 2017

Emoji Writing

Get students excited about writing in any content area by using one of their favorite things…Emojis. Click on this link and make a copy of this slide deck. You can share the link out with your students and assign each group a specific slide or you could share as an assignment in Google Classroom and make a copy of the slide deck for each student to allow them to choose a slide.


  • Students write about a character’s traits.
  • Student explain a science concept.
  • Students write an opinion about a social studies topic.
  • Students write a math story.
  • Students reflect on their learning.
  • Students retell text.

I heard about this strategy at our NCDLCN meeting a couple of weeks ago. This would be great to motivate struggling writers. And... it was fun. We worked collaboratively but could also be an independent activity. 

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