Monday, March 27, 2017

Fixed vs Growth Mindset: How can we grow?

Slides Carnival offers some free Google Slides Templates here. Choose a category from the buttons along the top, choose a theme, and then the orange “use theme” button.  Stay away from those “green download” buttons. They are evil. has several options for exit tickets. Although they refer to the activities as “worksheets”, they offer many engaging activities such as open response, multiple choice, label/draw an image, and matching.  If you use this tool, I would love to hear what you think!

Assigning short videos for students to view during small group or independent learning time is a great way to “flip” instruction. By sharing videos via Vizia or Edpuzzle, you can assess understanding of content in those videos.  

I love the idea of creating hyperdocs to guide students through content. They could work in collaborative groups as they take ownership of their learning. Go here for some templates .

Just for fun…cause we all need more fun in our lives. Check out Google’s Quick Draw.

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