Tuesday, February 21, 2017

6 Thoughts on Technology Use

  1. When told to “play” on a device students will often find the activity that has the least learning potential.
  2. When students have a specific purpose for using technology they are less likely to get in "tech" trouble in the classroom.
  3. Having a menu of purposeful “early finisher” activities will help students make choices that will be beneficial to their learning.
  4. Giving students opportunities to create something they can share with others will help them retain the information.
  5. Giving students choice in the creation process will help them feel empowered and be more engaged.
  6. Although students know how to use digital tools, they need help understanding how to use the tools for learning.

Suggestions for Purposeful
“Early Finisher” and Station Activities

  • Have students create something they can share with others to demonstrate their learning.
    • comic strip, trading card
    • video trailer or audio recording
    • picture collage- add labels and/or captions to explain images
    • slide show, document  
    • digital quiz
  • Practice coding skills. Explain the strategies used. (Incorporates sequencing, cause/effect, perseverance, creativity, and critical thinking.)
  • Work on a simulation activity to apply (fill in the blank). Explain the strategies used. (Incorporates cause/effect, perseverance, sequencing, creativity, and critical thinking.)
  • After using the (fill in the blank) app/website to practice (fill in the blank),
    • Create an advertisement for the app/website and explain why it is useful for learning.
    • Write step-by-step directions for how to use the app/website.
There are many other “practice” apps and sites but these activities allow students to be more than just consumers of information- which will help them retain the information they do consume.

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