Monday, December 19, 2016

Simply a Smorgasbord

Seesaw has some great new features! Students can now add labels and there is a translation tool. The blog feature was released earlier in the year. It’s a great way to help students connect globally.
Getting Started Webinar

Be selective as you choose Chrome extensions and addons as they can slow device performance and reduce battery life. With that said, I’m loving the Note Anywhere Extension for Chrome. Add sticky notes on web pages.

Here’s an informative article and  video about Fake News by John Spencer. It’s so important for students (and adults) to be informed consumers of information.

Kubbu is a digital  formative assessment tool.
Discovery Education has a cryptogram builder that will get your students thinking.

Let Them Create! Give students an opportunity to create to show content mastery. They’ll take ownership of the material and retain the info longer if they can add their personal touches to it. And then... let them share their creations. Here are a few ideas.

Creating with Computers
Creating with iPads
Google Doc, Drawing, Slideshow
Discovery Ed Board Builder
Book Creator
Comic Creators
Pic Collage
Read Write Think
Paper Slideshow

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