Saturday, October 10, 2015

Effective Technology Use

We know when used effectively, instructional technology can have a positive impact on students.  Students will be more engaged and empowered as they take responsibility for their learning.   Key words...used effectively.  Technology... or any learning tool for that matter... without a purpose will simply be a distraction. I believe that gaming with an explicit purpose is a valuable learning tool.  But let's don't tell students to "go play" on their device.  Tell them to...
  • "go discover an answer to a problem"  
  • "go create a project to demonstrate their understanding of content" 
  • "go use the game/app to practice a specific skill"
  • "go work with a partner to research a particular topic" 
Give them opportunities to create, collaborate, communicate, and use critical thinking skills. They will still consider these activities "play", but with a purpose.

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