Monday, October 26, 2015

5+ in 5 ~ October 26, 2015

5+ Things I Learned
(or relearned)
in the Last 5 Days
Donna Wells
@donnawells50 is a formative assessment tool- exit ticket format. Quick and easy Common Core type questions. Read a review here. Use it with student devices, whole group with discussion, or students using paper/pencil.

Templates in Google Docs are an easy way to get started designing your newsletter. That’s where I found this template.

You can add some great extensions to Chrome.
Read & Write is pretty amazing. There are helpful add-ons to enable also.

Check out for some interactive student activities.  My current favorite is the QR Treasure Hunt Generator.


Don’t be a silent genius. Share your awesomeness with the world!
Twitter is a great tool to use to connect with other educators.

Heard at Edcamp
  • Students will know if you are passionate about what you are teaching.
  • Ask questions before offering solutions.
  • Elevate and celebrate!
  • Don’t discipline technology. Discipline behavior.
  • Can we use project/problem based learning and still show growth on standardized tests? Yes.
  • Personalized learning = Plearning.

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