Sunday, October 23, 2016

Simply a Smorgasbord

WriteReader is a digital tool for making books. Teacher and student can collaborate on a book. Teachers can create a class and students login with a class code. This looks like a great tool to get students writing!

I really love this idea...“impossible to fail” quiz using Google Forms.  You can send students to resources based on the concepts they need additional practice with. Choose Your Own Adventure stories look interesting, too!

Quizlet Live is a fun way to introduce and review vocabulary terms. It gives students an opportunity to collaborate and communicate.

Consider using Educreations to have students demonstrate content mastery. There is an iPad app and a website. Get started here.

Your students can create flashcards, Quiz games, Mad Libs, and more at Flippity.

Great article here about student choice.  Research indicates a “positive relationship between student interest and academic success. The more engaged a student is in their schoolwork, the more motivated they are to learn and the more academically successful they become.” ~from the article
Please take a minute to share with others how you are using student choice in your classroom on this Padlet.

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