Monday, October 3, 2016

Simply a Smorgasbord

Choose the prompt you like, copy the url address and share with your students through a QR code, SeeSaw, Google Classroom, or project it for the whole group.

There are some great interactive activities at Readwritethink. You’ll also find many other resources for teachers.

Consider Word clouds for analyzing text.  What can we infer about the president's duties? Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.29.49 PM.png

Send your students to to find pictures for presentations. Attribution info is noted on the image to make citation easy.

Comic strip creators are fun tools to allow students to “show what they know.” I love Make Beliefs Comix. Read Write Think Comic Creator is another option. These tools can be used in any content area as students demonstrate their learning.

Running out of space for photos on your devices? I’m using Google Photos. There is unlimited storage and it’s an easy way to manage your personal photos. You can sort pictures, make albums, and share.  Check it out!

Click here for some math station resources. Although the focus is K-2 iPads, there are several resources that can also be used in 3-5 with computers.

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