Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crisis Averted!

I am the queen of having multiple tabs open in my browser.  I always have at least 5 but usually 10+ tabs open with interesting blogs, lesson plans, mail, cool tool sites, great articles, etc.  I know there are some extensions available to save your open tabs in a list form, but I haven't had time to research those yet.  Maybe I'll open another tab and read more about that later. Tonight I had many things going on in Safari and...yep, you guessed it, I closed the browser instead of just a tab.  A quick Google search (in another tab) located just what I needed and saved me a lot of time relocating my treasures.  So if you make the same mistake here are some tips for recovering your closed tabs on a Mac (Maverick OS).

In Safari...
Command + z  might recover your tabs (didn't work for me but might on a different OS.)
Navigate to "History" tab and select "Reopen last closed window."

In Chrome....
Command + Shift + T
Navigate to "File" tab and select "Reopen closed tab."

Crisis averted!   #Ilovelearning

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