Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Photos and Lists- Get organized!

Are you getting the dreaded “no more storage” message on your phone? If you back-up those photos you can delete them from your camera roll.   If your phone should “bite the dust” would you lose treasured photos? It’s a good idea to backup your photos so this won’t happen.

I ❤using the Google Photos app on my phone to store my photos.  This app allows me to automatically backup photos and free up space on my device. I can still view photos on my phone through the app to share an awesome landscape or waterfall pic with a friend. If something should happen to my device while I’m adventuring, my photos will be safe “in the cloud”.  I can also easily search my photos and create collages and slideshows.

If you love using another tool to backup your photos, please take a minute and share on this Padlet so other folks can check it out.

Need some help organizing your lists?

Google Keep is an awesome tool to help you stay organized and it works across all of your devices. You can add to-do lists, reminder notes, add images, and even create voice memos. Lists can be shared. This is a great feature when a family member is going by the store. I love that you can schedule a reminder to be sent when you're near a location. No more driving by the store and forgetting to stop. Does this happen to anyone else?

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